What Are Some Rescue Organizations With Mini Teacup Pigs for Adoption?


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Some rescues that offer teacup pigs for adoption include Ironwood Pig Sanctuary, Northwest Miniature Pig Association, Smith & Agli's Potbelly Manor, and Pig Pals of NC. According to TeaCupPig.info, "miniature teacup" is a misnomer; these pigs are actually potbellied pigs that can grow to be large. As adults, so-called teacup pigs can weigh over 130 pounds. Many owners surrender their pigs when the animals grow bigger than the owners expected.

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Ironwood Pig Sanctuary is located about two hours from Tuscon, Arizona, and has rescued over 600 pigs that were abandoned or surrendered by their owners. It spays and neuters pigs and gives them appropriate veterinary care before putting them up for adoption. Before completing adoptions, shelter staff visit the pigs' potential new homes and advise owners on the proper shelter, shade, feeding and watering needs of the animals. The shelter charges an adoption fee of $30 for males and $60 for females.

The California Potbellied Pig Association is a nonprofit pig rescue that cares for unwanted animals. The organization recommends that interested people ensure they are zoned to keep pigs on their property, and that they are prepared to take on a pet that can live for 15 to 20 years. CPPA4Pigs.org lists some of the expenses of keeping a pig, including hoof- and tusk-trimming and veterinary bills. The animals also need special feed and an outdoor place where they can root and explore. A list of pigs that are up for adoption is available on the site.

Smith & Agli's Potbelly Manor is located in North Kingstown, Rhode Island. The shelter specializes in rescuing potbellied pigs, and lists those up for adoption on PotbellyManor.org. Many of their animals were neglected and abused, and require time to build trust with a new owner. The shelter welcomes visitors by appointment.

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