What Are Some Rescue Organizations With Free Goats in Georgia?

Because most rescue organizations charge an adoption fee to offset some of the expenses of feeding and providing medical care for animals, it is difficult to find free goats available for adoption at shelters. Instead, free goats are more likely to be found by individual owners giving them away through ads or forum posts.

In the state of Georgia, there are numerous examples of individuals offering free goats to good homes. These include posts on MyHorseForum.com and the Georgia Outdoors News Forum at ForumGON.com.

A comprehensive list of animal rescue groups and shelters in Georgia can be found at FarmAnimal.RescueShelter.com. From the home page, go to Select Location. Look for the Choose Location drop-down menu and select Georgia. There are 37 animal rescue shelters dealing with farm animals in Georgia, as of December 2015. Many shelters require prospective owners to demonstrate that they have appropriate housing and fencing for goats, and that they have the requisite knowledge to care for goats' dietary and other needs.

The websites PetFinder.com and AdoptAPet.com are two other sources for finding adoptable goats. Search for barnyard or farm animals within your area by ZIP code. Both websites include goats in their categories of searchable animals.