How Do You Rescue a Labradoodle?


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To rescue a labradoodle, watch for one at local shelters or find a dedicated labradoodle rescue in your area. Fill out an application, pay any applicable adoption fees, and then take your new dog home.

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How Do You Rescue a Labradoodle?
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Labradoodles are a popular mix, so they appear in shelters with some frequency. Monitoring your local shelter's website can help alert you when one shows up. Search websites such as Petfinder.com and AdoptaPet.com as well. It can be helpful to search for poodles and Labradors as well. Some shelters list labradoodles as either a poodle or Lab mix.

Choosing a dedicated rescue group is the most reliable way of finding a labradoodle for rescue, but the groups sometimes have stricter standards and higher fees than municipal shelters. A group may also not exist in your area, although the groups are often willing to adopt to people outside of the area and may even help facilitate travel for the dog. Rescues that focus on puppy mills may also be a good option, as many labradoodles come from irresponsible breeders.

You can also reach out directly to any reputable labradoodle breeders in your area. Sometimes they have dogs that were returned to them as adults or other older dogs available for adoption. They may also be able to advise you about labradoodles in need of rescue in your area.

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