How Do You Rescue a Golden Retriever?

The best way to rescue a golden retriever is to locate one in a breed rescue or municipal animal shelter and then initiate the adoption process. The exact requirements and steps may vary slightly between shelters.

Golden retrievers are a very popular breed in the United States, so many of them end up in rescues. There are many rescue organizations that focus specifically on the breed. These can be the easiest way to find a golden retriever. These can often be found by contacting local golden retriever breeders or clubs. The American Kennel Club also works with some breed rescues through the AKC Rescue Network. As of 2015, the club suggests the Golden Retriever Club of America as a starting point.

You can also search for golden retrievers on adoption websites such as or contact local all-breed rescues. Even if they do not currently have a suitable dog, make sure they know you are looking. Rescues that focus on puppy mills may also have golden retrievers available due to the popularity of the breed.

Once you have located a potential dog, you can begin the adoption process. This usually involves filling out paperwork, paying necessary fees and meeting the dog in person. Some rescues may require home visits or additional diligence. They may also ask for veterinary references and permission from your landlord if you rent. Once you have completed all of these steps, you can take your dog home.