Do Any Reputable Organizations Offer Free Parrots?


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Reputable organizations do not offer free parrots, however, a person can adopt a rescued parrot from reputable organizations for approximately half the cost of purchasing a parrot in a pet store or from a breeder. Some organizations require the adopter to pass a background check before adopting a parrot.

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Companion Parrots Re-Homed in Pineville, North Carolina, charges from $25 to $350 to adopt a bird, as of 2015. The $350 fee applies to African Greys, RB Toos and large Macaws.

AZ Exotic Birds in Tempe, Arizona, charges $200 to $900 to adopt a bird. The organization's adoption application requires detailed answers, and the organization requires potential adopters to spend time with their desired bird at the rescue before completing the adoption.

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