What Are Some Reputable Mi-Ki Dog Rescues?


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Well-known and reputable dog rescues in the United States that also rescue Mi-Ki breeds include WolfSpirit's Toy Breed PuppyMill Rescue in Ohio, Another Chance Animal Rescue in Maine and Love a Big Dog Rescue in New Hampshire, as of 2016. Journey Home Dog Rescue in Maine is another reputable organization.

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Each organization rescues dogs other than Mi-Kis, and reputable organizations tend to take in any dogs that need to be rescued. The Northern New England Dog Rescue in Vermont takes most breeds, and All Dog Rescue Inc. in Massachusetts does as well.

Hot Water Rescue in Connecticut, Happy Endings Dog Rescue in Texas and Homeward Bound Dog Rescue in Texas all have the potential to take in the Mi-Ki breed.

RightPet.com offers an easy way to look up these rescues in the Adoption/Rescue section of the website. Simply input a home address to find a local organization that may have Mi-Ki puppies or adult dogs up for adoption. When searching for these organizations, you can look for an organization by breed and also by recommended rescues and distance from your home address. Typical reputable organizations provide at least an address along with a link to a website or email address.

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