What Reptiles Live in Caves?


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Some reptiles that live in caves include salamanders, snakes and frogs. These reptiles go to the caves to find a cool place to get away from the summer heat. Salamanders are a common reptile in U.S. caves, particularly in areas such as Texas. This reptile breathes with gills and does not have any lungs. For this reason, it is often nicknamed the human fish.

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Besides reptiles, many other types of animals live in caves. Caves that have streams often have cave fish. Crustaceans, such as crayfish, shrimp and crabs, are often present in caves. These are the largest animals present in caves, although they are still quite small. The smallest animal in a cave is a microbe.

Reptiles and other cave animals often use the entrances of caves for hibernation, safety, reproduction and sleeping. These are not cave dwellers since they don’t venture too far into the cave. Some small mammals that use mainly the entrance of a cave are foxes, wolves, raccoons and woodrats. Large mammals, such as bears, sheep and cattle, also use the entrances of caves.

Insects in caves include beetles, scorpions, cockroaches, moths, centipedes and spiders. Some of the insects are known as cave spiders or cave beetles because they are unique types of insects that live only in caves.

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