How Do You Replace a Tri-Tronics G2 Battery?


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To replace a Tri-Tronics G2 battery, simply twist off the old battery pack, place the new battery against the transmitter body and twist it slightly to secure it into place. When installing the new battery, make sure that the Tri-Tronics logo faces forward under the transmitter buttons. Tri-Tronics battery packs are designed with bayonet mounts to allow for easy replacement.

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G2 batteries are rechargeable and last for several years with proper care. To maintain battery life, keep your remote trainer stored in a room-temperature environment. Storing a remote trainer in a warm area, such as the dashboard of a closed vehicle, or in a cold area, such as a shed or garage, negatively impacts battery life.

While it is normal for batteries to experience a drop in voltage in cold weather conditions, storing a remote trainer in a cold area also adversely affects battery performance, as batteries can run down more rapidly, a unit can run out of charge early, the stimulation can become weaker and the unit can spontaneously shut off.

To avoid these issues, keep the unit at room temperature when it is not in use. If a battery is cold, let it warm up to room temperature before attempting to charge it. In cold weather, charge batteries more frequently and for a full two hours if possible. The tri-color battery life indicator shows the charge in your unit's battery.

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