How Do You Repel Pigeons?

To repel pigeons effectively, eliminate food and water sources on the property, close entrances to indoor roosting sites, and install porcupine wire or paste repellents on the birds' roosting sites. Use nylon mesh to prevent birds from roosting in outbuildings. Most repellent products can be installed in a few hours.

  1. Eliminate food sources

    Remove spilled grains and other food sources from the property, and eliminate water sources. Do not allow others to feed the pigeons.

  2. Eliminate roosting areas

    If pigeons are roosting in attics or other indoor spaces, cover the entrances with 1/4-inch nylon netting or wire mesh, and cover ornamental features on the property with fine-mesh nylon netting. In outbuildings, screen the underside of exposed rafters with 1/4-inch nylon netting to prevent pigeons from roosting on the rafters.

  3. Install repellents

    Install porcupine wire or bird spikes on window sills, eaves and other roosting sites. Paste repellents are also an option for windowsills and other small roosting sites. The paste should be in applied rows that are 2 inches apart and 1/2 inch thick beginning 1/2 inch away from the outer edge of the roosting area. Reapply the paste annually or as needed to maintain the stickiness of the paste.