How Do You Repel Lizards?

Repellents are not known to work on lizards. Keep lizards away by removing their habitat, keeping your landscape dry and eliminating their food source. Get rid of anything on your property that provides food or shelter for the lizards.

  1. Displace the lizards

    Lizards like to hide in piles of rocks or wood. They can also be found in grass and shrubs. Remove piles of wood and rocks, and trim the grass and shrubs near your house.

  2. Keep the landscape dry

    Make sure the land near your house does not stay wet for too long. If your soil is draining poorly, consider changing the slope of the ground or digging a trench with a draining tube.

  3. Remove the food source

    Lizards eat insects, so spray a garden insecticide around their habitat. The lack of a food source may make the lizards look elsewhere for food.

  4. Protect your home

    If lizards are entering your home, find and seal any cracks or holes that the lizards can enter through. If you see a lizard, it is probably already looking for an exit. Keep the doors open, and allow it to escape. If the lizard cannot find its way out, place a glue trap in its path. Once you are outside with the lizard on the trap, pour vegetable oil on its feet to release it.