How Do You Remove a Wasp Nest?

remove-wasp-nest Credit: Marco Sacchi/CC-BY-SA 2.0

To remove a wasp nest, knock it down if it is in its early stages, spray the nest with insecticide, and remove the nest manually by trapping it in a garbage bag. The degree of difficulty varies depending on the severity of the infestation.

  1. Knock new nests down

    If you notice a new nest forming around the beginning of spring, it is usually safe to knock it down with a long object such as a broom. This should encourage the wasps to find a new place to build a nest. Avoid knocking down nests with wasps nearby.

  2. Remove the nest manually

    To remove the nest manually, wait until night when the wasps are not as active. Take a heavy garbage bag, wrap the nest in it, and cut down the nest. Seal the bag tightly, and then either place the bag in a sunny area if it is hot out, or put it in the freezer to kill the wasps. Exercise extreme caution when removing wasp nests manually.

  3. Spray the nest with insecticides

    If a wasp nest is too active to knock down or remove manually, go to the store and purchase an insecticide made specifically for wasps. There should be a single opening in the nest where you spray the insecticide, which kills the wasps, allowing you to safely remove the nest. Wear long sleeves, a face mask and protective goggles to prevent wasps from stinging you while you spray, and follow the manufacturer's instructions closely.