How Do You Remove an Unwanted Skunk?

To get rid of a skunk, remove its shelter and food sources, analyze the damage, choose a pest control method and fence your yard. Begin your skunk control before spring, which marks the beginning of its breeding season.

  1. Remove the skunk's shelter and food sources

    Remove hollowed logs, junk piles and wood piles where skunks can find shelter. Secure poultry houses, barns and sheds. Remove all food sources by cleaning up fallen seeds, fruits and berries, and disposing of any exposed garbage. Secure your trashcans with a tight lid. This step helps prevent future infestation.

  2. Analyze the damage

    Evaluate the damage caused by the skunk to help you choose the best pest control method. Some forms of damage caused by skunks include holes in the yard and scattered trash.

  3. Choose a skunk control method

    Select a pest control method based on the damage caused by the skunk. A live skunk trap is effective for getting rid of a skunk that is sheltering in your yard. Skunk repellents are good for getting rid of a skunk that is feeding on your berries and fruit. Electronic repellents discourage skunks that pass through your yard.

  4. Fence your yard

    Once the skunk has been eliminated, fence your yard to prevent future infestation. A fence that is 4 feet above ground level is effective, because skunks are not skilled climbers. Ensure that the fence extends 2 feet below the ground to prevent a skunk from burrowing through into the yard.