How Do You Remove Tear Stains Around a Maltese Dog's Eyes?


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Dealing with Maltese tear stains may require a variety of tactics ranging from a simple change in diet to topical or oral medications. The problem is often frustrating to solve, simply because it can be a symptom of a wide variety of different problems. The best way to remove tear stains is to prevent them from occurring in the first place.

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How Do You Remove Tear Stains Around a Maltese Dog's Eyes?
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  1. Try a different food

    Your Maltese's diet can be a factor in tear staining. Try switching to a different food for a few weeks to see if a dietary change may affect the intensity of the stains. If you live in an area with mineral-rich water, this could also exacerbate the problem. Watering your pet with filtered or purified water may also prove useful in reducing the red stains.

  2. Check for allergies and irritation

    Allergic reactions and irritation from hair in the eyes can also contribute to tear staining. Trim your Maltese's facial hair to prevent it from getting into his eyes, and consider switching to a milder cleaning product such as oatmeal shampoo.

  3. Check with your vet

    Tear staining can be the result of blocked tear ducts, an ailment common among Maltese dogs. Have your vet check your dog's eyes to ensure this is not the cause of the excessive tearing. In addition, eye or ear infections can contribute to the problem. If an infection is present, a round of antibiotics may clear up the tear staining once and for all.

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