How Do You Remove Red Algae in a Saltwater Tank?


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Remove red algae from a saltwater aquarium by removing it by hand or filtering it out. Make adjustments to the lighting, nitrate and phosphate levels. Replace rock or sand, increase water flow and add some algae-eating fish.

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  1. Remove excess red algae

    Siphon the algae out of the aquarium with a hose or filter the water by hand using a net or a small filter.

  2. Adjust the lighting

    Adjust the lighting up or down depending on whether it is bright or low.

  3. Adjust nitrate and phosphate levels

    Change the levels of nitrates and phosphates by lowering them until you see no more algae. Test the water periodically to ensure that you are not lowering the levels too much.

  4. Switch the substrate and increase water flow

    Remove the rocks or sand and replace it with aragonite types of rocks or other substrate. While you are switching out the substrate, increase the water flow at the pump because red algae grows more in a low-flow tank.

  5. Add algae eating fish

    Purchase algae eating fish to help remove current algae and to feed on any that might grow in the future. Some types to consider include those from the macroalgae species. Angelfish, tangs and surgeonfish are also good choices.

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