How Do You Remove Pet Dander?


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There is no way to completely remove pet dander from pets or their homes, but regularly bathing the pet and thoroughly vacuuming your home often can help reduce it. Using products designed to target dander may help.

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Bathing your pet with an anti-allergen shampoo once a week can help reduce dander, although the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America reports that it may not cause a noticeable reduction in allergy symptoms. You can also try an anti-allergen topical spray for your pet. Steam-cleaning carpets and upholstered furniture with anti-allergen cleaners may be more effective, especially if done regularly. Wash the pet's bedding once or twice a week, as dander tends to accumulate there.

Vacuuming as often as possible is probably the most effective way to reduce pet dander in the environment; daily vacuuming is ideal. Use HEPA filters to make sure the vacuum works effectively. Pet dander sticks to hard surfaces as well; wipe down walls, windowsills and baseboards with a wet rag as well as dusting furniture. If you suffer from pet allergies, wear a face mask while vacuuming and dusting to reduce your exposure.

Installing HEPA air filters around the house may also help reduce pet dander in the air. These may be especially effective in smaller rooms or rooms the pet spends a lot of time in.

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