How Do You Remove a Paper Wasp Nest?

Goldfinch4ever/iStock/Getty Images

Remove a paper wasp nest by spraying with a commercial wasp spray at night, when wasps are inactive. Stand at a safe distance, and douse the entire nest, covering each cell with pesticide. Remove and dispose of the nest if there are no signs of wasp activity the next day.

There are several important safety considerations to keep in mind when removing a wasp nest. Wasps usually sting in defense of their nest, so it is important to treat wasp nests with caution, especially later in spring. If you find a wasp’s nest in the early spring, before the first generation of workers reach maturity, knock down the nest with a broom to prevent further infestation.

Larger nests found later in the season require the use of a commercial wasp spray. When using commercial pesticides, adhere to the instructions and warnings on the label. Never stand below a wasp’s nest when you are spraying pesticides, as they are toxic to humans as well as to pets.

Wasp sprays kill on contact, but be sure to check for any signs of wasp activity the next day. If any wasps were absent from the nest when you sprayed it with pesticide, they may return the following day. If no live wasps appear to be in or near the nest, knock it down with a broom, seal it in a plastic bag, and dispose of it in an outdoor trash receptacle.