How Do You Remove Matted Cat Hair?


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It is recommended that cat owners try to brush out matted cat hair gently with a brush, according to Petful. A wide-tooth comb, slicker brush or mat brush are helpful tools to have for keeping kitty's hair tangle free.

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How Do You Remove Matted Cat Hair?
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Use these steps to keep a cat's fur mat free.

  1. Brush hair gently
  2. Sit down with the cat and carefully brush its hair with a wide-tooth comb. When you come to a matted area, hold the matted hair close to the skin with one hand to keep it from pulling at the skin. Brush out the mat starting at the ends of the hair and working up toward the skin.

  3. Use a detangler
  4. Apply a child-friendly or pet-safe hair detangler to the matted area to help loosen it. However, do not attempt to give the cat a bath to wash out the mats as this may cause them to tighten up even more.

  5. Cut it out
  6. Cut out the hair mat only if multiple attempts at combing it out aren't working. Use a mat comb, which contains a recessed blade, to cut some of the matted hair as it brushes it. If this doesn't work, have a professional use a buzz cutter to cut out persistent mats and keep the cat's hair looking trim. Scissors aren't recommended, but if they are an only option, lift the mat up away from the skin when cutting to avoid injuring the cat.

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