How Do You Remove Fleas From Animals?

To remove fleas from animals, apply a topical flea control product, administer an oral product to kill fleas or use a flea comb on your pet's coat. In order to effectively control fleas, you must also remove them from indoor and outdoor environments.

Topical flea control products include once-a-month topical insecticides, flea and tick control sprays, dips, rinses and shampoos. Apply topical insecticides to a small area on the pet's back. They are simple to use and typically last longer than other flea control methods. Read the label carefully, as many products intended for dogs can be toxic to cats.

If using a spray, choose a product containing an adulticide as well as an insect growth regulator. This will kill adult fleas and prevent immature fleas from developing further.

Apply dips and rinses to the pet's entire body in a well-ventilated area and be careful not to get any product in the pet's eyes or ears. Fast-acting oral products such as Capstar are also available to kill adult fleas on pets.

Apply outdoor sprays to kennels, patios, dog houses and anywhere where pets spend time. Do not spray where runoff may drain to lakes or rivers. Rake away any organic debris, especially in warm or moist areas. Vacuum indoor areas thoroughly, and use a flea removal spray, carpet powder or fogger. Wash pet bedding weekly, and treat the area with a product containing an adulticide and an insect growth regulator.