How Do You Remove Bees?


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To remove bees, use a natural lure or a noxious odor to drive them away. If the bees are still present, contact a professional to remove the beehive.

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  1. Lure them away

    Use a lure, such as sweet-smelling fruit, to which the insects generally flock. A simple type of lure consists of a few pieces of sweet-smelling fruit, such as apple, banana or mango, in an open plastic bag. Place the bag a distance away from the area you want to rid of bees. Each day, move the lure a little further away. The fruit does not need to be changed, as it continues to attract bees even as it rots.

  2. Use odors to repel the bees

    Bees do not like the smell of garlic, so try sprinkling garlic powder around areas where the bees normally gather. Citronella candles also repel bees, as the insects find the citronella smell offensive and generally flee from an area where the candle has been burned.

  3. Remove the hive

    Ultimately, a beehive must be removed before the bees vacate the area on any kind of permanent basis. Because removing a hive is dangerous and requires certain specialized tools, it is best to contact a professional pest control expert to help remove the hive.

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