How Do You Remove Algae From Plastic Aquarium Plants?

Over time, plastic aquarium plants can become dull and ugly due to algae overgrowth. Restore your plants to their vibrant colors with this 20-minute process. Make sure you have an algae pad, bleach and protective gloves before you begin.

  1. Remove the plants from the aquarium

    Gently pull the plants out of the water and check to make sure there are no fish or other animals hiding on them. Place the plants in a sink or bathtub.

  2. Scrub the plants

    Use an algae pad to gently rub each part of the plants. This removes debris and much of the algae. Fold the pad to carefully scrub all the crevices.

  3. Prepare the bleach solution

    Put on the protective gloves to protect your skin from the bleach, and mix bleach with water to create a solution that is 10 to 20 percent bleach.

  4. Soak the plants

    Submerge the plants in the bleach solution for five to 10 minutes. Soak the plants for the shortest amount of time that is effective. This prevents discoloration of the plants due to the bleaching process.

  5. Rinse the plants

    Scrub the plants one more time to remove any remaining algae, and rinse them thoroughly in running water. There should be no smell of bleach on the plants. If a bleach smell remains, rinse the plants again before returning them to the aquarium.