What Are Some Reliable GPS Dog Tracking Collars?


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Among the top-rated GPS dog tracking collars include the Garmin GTU 10, the Tagg GPS Tracker and the RomEO. The prices of GPS-based dog tracking collars can cost between $100 to $800 as of 2015 and the devices come in a wide range of designs and functionality.

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The Garmin brand has several models to choose from, such as the GTU 10 and the more expensive Astro 320 Tracking device. The GTU 10 works alongside a smartphone via an app and uses the AT&T network. The Astro 320, on the other hand, has its own GPS tracker system and can track up to 10 dogs at the same time.

Tagg is one of the popular GPS dog tracking collars in the market and the system depends on the Verizon network. It comes with a monthly subscription fee. The device clips on to the dog's collar, and just like the Garmin model, it works with a smartphone via an app.

Unlike Tagg and the Garmin GTU models, the RomEO pet tracker does not require a smartphone. Its GPS unit works with a radio handset that has its own GPS display and compass. The collar continuously relays its distance and direction to the owner's handheld unit .

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