How Do You View a Reliable Betta Fish Care FAQ?


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To find reliable information on betta care, visit pet store websites such as Petsmart.com and consult the betta FAQ on About.com. As of 2015, Petsmart offers basic information about setting up and maintaining betta environments, caring for bettas, and watching for signs of illness. Many betta enthusiasts and breeders maintain informational websites such as BettaTalk.com to help betta owners find comprehensive and reliable information about how to care for their pets.

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The FAQ section on About.com describes what a betta fish is and discusses common betta colors and typical lifespans. The page also discusses many aspects of betta care, including choosing an appropriate tank, maintaining proper water temperature, feeding and determining gender. In addition, the page covers topics such as water changes and what to do when a betta refuses to eat.

BettaTalk.com offers detailed information on caring for and breeding bettas. Care information includes acclimating new fish, choosing the best kind of tank, how often and how much to feed, and how to care for fish during vacations and evacuations. The website also discusses betta diseases, outlining the symptoms of and appropriate treatments for each. In addition, the site discusses breeding topics such as what to feed young bettas and common mistakes to avoid.

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