How Do You Register Puppies?


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To register puppies you bred, you must first fill out an American Kennel Club litter registration form that records the details of both parents, when they mated and basic information about the puppies. If you are purchasing a puppy from a breeder, the breeder must supply you with a registration application for you to fill out and submit to the AKC.

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Registered dogs must be purebred and the result of two parents that are registered with the AKC or a kennel club recognized by the AKC. The puppies must be born in the United States or U.S. territories, such as Puerto Rico. The parents must also have full registration, not a limited registration, which prohibits breeding. If the parent dogs are owned by multiple people, all owners must sign the litter registration application.

There are some instances where dogs from unknown parentage can be registered. These are limited registrations that do not allow the dogs to be bred. The specific circumstances determine the exact process. Dogs that are apparently purebred but do not have a known history, such as some rescued dogs, are eligible for a limited registration that allows them to compete in certain breed-specific competitions. Mixed breed dogs can also be registered to qualify for various titles and competitions.

The AKC accepts registration applications through the mail or online through its website. The forms must be filled out in full, and any registration or processing fees should be included.

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