How Do You Register Your Dog's Name With the AKC?


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To register a dog with the American Kennel Club, fill out the dog registration application obtained from the seller, and submit the completed application by mail to the AKC. A dog can also be registered online through the AKC website. A fee is required to register.

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The new owners and the breeder or seller of the puppy both fill out the application for registration. The original owners fill out the sex, color and markings, transfer date and registration type of the dog. The new owners or the buyers register the name of the dog, payment information and registration options. Both parties must provide their signatures on the document. If registering online, the new owners still need the dog registration application from the seller. After registering the dog, the new owner receives an AKC Registration Certificate, which takes approximately three weeks to arrive by mail.

Before registering a dog, an owner can check valid dog names on the AKC website. Names cannot be greater than 50 characters, spaces and special characters included, and only 37 dogs of each breed can posses the same name. No Roman numerals or letters outside of the standard English language are allowed in the dog's name. An owner must register an imported dog under the same name it was registered under in its country of origin.

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