How Do You Register a Dog Without Papers?


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Depending on the registration organization, registering a dog without papers includes buying a registration package, providing information about the dog, or submitting pedigree documentation. The Dog Registry of America, Continental Kennel Club and American Kennel Club represent three organizations with differing registration requirements, as noted on the organizations' websites.

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Dog Registry of America states that dog papers amount to birth certificates and proofs of ownership. Owners apply online and pay the registration fees. Continental Kennel Club accepts applications from owners who have no documentation, but can submit two witness statements and five photographs of the dog from specific views, states the club.

American Kennel Club recommends requesting sire and dam registration numbers from the seller. Lacking that information, the AKC accepts pedigree information or papers from other organizations, according to AKC.org. AKC researches the information to determine if the dog qualifies to be registered.

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