How Do You Reduce a Cat's Fever?

reduce-cat-s-fever Credit: GK Hart/Vikki Hart/Stone/Getty Images

To reduce fever in cats, apply a small amount of cool water behind the cat's ears. Place the cat in a cool, comfortable location, offer the cat fluids and contact a veterinarian if the fever is present for over 24 hours. Do not give the cat any medications unless they are prescribed by the veterinarian.

  1. Take the cat's temperature

    Take the cat's temperature rectally, and if the temperature is over 105, begin steps to cool the animal.

  2. Provide cool water

    If the cat allows it, dab a small amount of water behind the cat's ears and on their paws, and place the animal near a fan. Watch the pet closely to ensure it doesn't begin to shiver, which may indicate the cat is too cold.

  3. Contact a veterinarian

    Cats that have a fever for longer than 24 hours should be seen by a professional. Fever can indicate an underlying condition that may require medical treatment, such as fluid therapy and medications, to resolve.

  4. Monitor the cat's recovery

    Cats that have a health condition that causes fever should be monitored carefully during recovery. If the fever doesn't resolve as expected, contact the veterinarian for advice. Additional treatments may be required for some conditions.