What Do Red Wolves Eat?

Red wolves feed mostly on small mammals, white-tailed deer and raccoons. These animals eat what they can find, even feeding on insects and berries when food is scarce.

Red wolves feed on animals that they find in their habitat in the southeastern United States. Sometimes this includes white-tailed deer, but their main sources of food are smaller animals and rodents such as rabbits and nutria, the latter of which resembles a beaver.

Red wolves are social animals that live and hunt in small packs. Not only do packs provide red wolves with a social structure, but this enables them to hunt bigger game such as deer. The pack size depends largely on the size of the territory and the availability of prey. A pack is headed by an alpha male and female who breed and several generations of their offspring. The entire pack assists in rearing the newest generation of pups.

One of the threats to the territory of the pack are coyotes or canids, which are wild members of the dog family, as well as human beings. Although the red wolf's range once used to encompass the area between Texas and Florida, they are now limited to part of North Carolina and considered an endangered species.