What Are Some Red Fox Facts?

The red fox is a mammal in the class Carnivora and the family Canidae (along with other foxes), and it lives throughout much of North America, most all of Europe and Asia and parts of Africa. The species also entered the Australian continent in the 19th century.

The red fox's body measures 18 to 33.75 inches long, and the tail adds an additional 12 to 21.75 inches. It weighs 6.5 to 24 pounds and can live up to four years in the wild. It lives in both wild settings such as forests, grasslands, mountains and deserts, as well as alongside humans in towns and cities. The creature is an omnivore, meaning it eats both plant and animal material. Rabbits, fruit, fish, worms and dead animals are among the creature's menu items, and foxes in the city also feed from garbage cans.

Unlike wolves, the red often hunts alone and communicates with other foxes in the area by making scent posts. Individuals come together during mating season, which is usually during the winter time. A litter of young foxes consists of two to 12 pups. Both parents participate in raising the pups, and by the fall, the pups are usually ready to live on their own.