How Do You Find Recordings of Bird Songs?


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Recordings of bird songs are available at ENature.com and AllAboutBirds.org. ENature.com features the calls and songs of more than 550 birds of North America that are divided into categories.

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Site visitors can access recordings of a wide variety of birds that include duck-like birds, gull-like birds, sandpiper-like birds, perching birds and upland ground birds. Each bird listed has an accompanying audio file that can be saved. The listing also includes a photo, description, information about habitat, range, and tips on observing the bird in the wild.

Additionally, ENature.com hosts links to wildlife guides, gardening for wildlife, an ask the expert category that hosts frequently asked questions and answers, nature sound ring tones and mobile apps.

AllAboutBirds.org is the website of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, an organization that is a part of Cornell University. This nonprofit group studies birds and promotes conservation. AllAboutBirds.org hosts a vast inventory of bird listings. Each bird listed has a variety of digital sound recordings of both calls and songs, a collection of videos and a physical description and life history that includes interesting facts.

AllAboutBirds.org includes ways to get involved in conservation of many species listed. Additionally, site visitors can access information on birding techniques that include articles, charts and helpful tips on how to best observe and identify birds in the wild.

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