What Are the Recommended Treatment Options for a Pet Gecko With a Crushed Foot?


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When a gecko crushes its foot, there are no treatments that untrained pet owners can safely administer from home, according to information that is provided on ReptileCare.com. The most highly recommended course of action is to take a gecko with a crushed limb to a herp veterinarian, also known as a herpetologist, for examination and treatment. However, LeopardGeckos.co.za says that crushing injuries can sometimes heal on their own, especially if they do not become infected.

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Geckos sustain many different kinds of injuries throughout their lifetimes, and they typically return to good health after their injuries have time to heal. Some of the most common types of injuries that geckos sustain are falling and crushing injuries, biting injuries from other geckos or reptiles, and burns, according to LeopardGeckos.co.za.

Falling injuries are often life-threatening to geckos. Falls can damage a gecko's internal organs. Injuries to internal organs are visible within hours, characterized by a swelling abdomen, lack of appetite or blood around the gecko's mouth. Another common type of injury often seen in captive geckos is bite injury, which occurs when two geckos live together in the same tank. Geckos carry lots of bacteria in their mouths, and so risk of infection is very high, according to information on both ReptileCare.com and LeopardGeckos.co.za.

Burns to geckos are mostly due to coming into contact with heating equipment in, on or near the gecko tank. It is an uncommon but serious injury. Symptoms of burns include loss of appetite, discoloration, swelling, blisters or loss of function in the burned area. ReptileCare.com says that these types of injuries are quite often fatal.

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