What Are Some Recommended Female Names for Black Cats?


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Some names recommended for a female black cat include Black Pearl, Sooty or Shadow. These options make appropriate names because they reflect the dark shade of the cat's coat.

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Calo, which means black in the Roma language, Cinders, Onyx and Obsidian also make good names for a black female cat. Many associate black cats with the night and darkness. For this reason, Nuit, the name of the Egyptian goddess of the night, offers another good alternative. Similarly, Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, is also recommended. Persephone can also serve as a pretty name for a female black cat. In Greek mythology, Persephone was the wife of Hades and the queen of the underworld.

In the Middle Ages, many people considered black cats to be the consorts of witches. Many superstitions surrounding black cats persist, and, depending on the origin of the superstition, black cats may be considered either lucky or unlucky. The names Phantom, Mystery, Spooky and Magic all display this supernatural reputation.

If these names sound a bit too dark, an ironic name, such as Snowball, Coconut, Vanilla or Sugar, provides an interesting alternative. Redunzel, the name that Frank Zappa gave to a small, black kitten he found, offers another option to consider.

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