Where Do Ravens Live?


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Ravens live in the Northern Hemisphere throughout western America, northern North America, Canada and areas of Central America. The raven weighs approximately 2.3 pounds and grows to approximately 24 to 26 inches in length.

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The raven is a bird that enjoys living on its own or in groups off two, and it is rarely found in large groups. They are entirely black, including their black eyes. The birds prefer to live in open areas with heavy forests nearby, but can also be found along the sea coast, tundra, grasslands, sagebrush and high desert areas. The raven is also a resourceful bird, and it can survive in more urban places as well, such as big cities or suburban cul-de-sacs. They eat rodents, worms, insects and grains as well as the eggs of other birds.

The raven is a unique bird in that it not only knows how to fly, but it can also perform interesting flight tricks, such as dives and rolls. They are agile when flying and are also quite playful. They enjoy playing tricks on one another. There is a legend in Britain that ravens are needed in the Tower of London and that without ravens in the tower, the British will lose their kingdom.

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