What Is the Rash on a Dogs Legs, Feet and Stomach Called?


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Dermatitis is common rash condition in dogs that occurs from contact with an allergen or contaminant, according to petMD. Common symptoms of dermatitis include bumps on the neck, chest and abdomen, as well as severe itching and swelling.

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The exact cause of dermatitis may be hard to determine, since it could potentially come from a wide variety of substances with which the dog has made contact, states petMD. Reported skin irritants include plants, fertilizer, carpets, metal and soap. Dermatitis can also be brought on by allergic reactions to food or medications, parasites, and fungal or bacterial infections. An effective treatment is to remove the dog from any contact or exposure to the allergen.

Bacterial infections include folliculitis, which causes rash-like symptoms such as scabs, sores and bumps, according to WebMD. It may be a result of mange or allergies and can be effectively treated with antibiotics, shampoos or ointments. Impetigo is a bacterial infection that causes blisters on the abdomen. It's more prone to occur with puppies and can be easily treated with a topical solution.

Mange is a common parasitic skin condition in dogs that causes intense scratching, sores, red spots, scabbing and hair loss, reports WebMD. Identifying the specific type of mange may determine the treatment a vet prescribes. Other parasites that can cause intense scratching and skin irritation include fleas and ticks. These parasites cause blood loss, which may lead to anemia. There are many shampoos and over-the-counter flea and tick medications that may relieve the problem.

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