Are There Any Ranches in Texas That Sell Llamas?


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North Texas Llamas and Triple-T-Llamas are two ranches located in Texas that breed and sell llamas. North Texas Llamas is located in Campbell, Texas, while Triple-T-Llamas is located in Elysian Fields, Texas.

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Both North Texas Llamas and Triple-T-Llamas list their available stock of llamas for sale on their websites at NorthTexasLlamas.com and HighAcresLlamas.com, respectively. Both ranches sell a variety of llamas as well as llama beans, which are used as a plant fertilizer. Triple-T-Llamas includes a basic care guide for raising, grooming and medicating llamas on their website, while the North Texas Llamas website features a long list of photographs and facts about their llamas.

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