How Do You Raise a Ring-Necked Pheasant?


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To raise a ring-necked pheasant, prepare a weather and rodent-proof brooder house, ensure that food and water is available continuously, and provide adequate warmth until the birds are 3 to 4 weeks old. Keep the bird house clean, provide protein feed and ensure that there is adequate space per bird.

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Ring-necked pheasants require adequate warmth, light, water, food and space to grow optimally. The birds can be raised by buying chicks every year. If there are laying hens, set the eggs every seven to 10 days.

Before the chicks arrive, ensure that the brooder house is disinfected and provides at least 3/4 of a square foot area per chick. Use chopped straw as floor litter, or use a wire screen floor to give good grip to the chicks. Use heat lamps with a 250-watt infrared bulb per 100 chicks to provide adequate warmth. Feed the chicks 30 percent medicated, protein-rich turkey starter or game bird feed and add an antibiotic to the water in the first week.

When the chicks are around 4 weeks old, let them into a weedy, grassy pen during the day. The pen should provide at least 25 square feet of area per bird, as pheasants are cannibalistic. Trim the beaks when the birds become 2 weeks old to prevent injuries. Once the pheasants are 6 weeks old, a 20 percent protein grower feed is sufficient. The weight of males at this stage is around 3 pounds, whereas females weigh approximately 2 pounds.

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