How Do You Raise a Puppy That You Can Live With?


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Raising a puppy requires playing with him and disciplining him. Puppies need to be house trained right away and socialized with other dogs. Proper nutrition and medical care are also important.

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Puppies need to play to develop their muscles. They also need consistent playtime to keep themselves entertained, which makes them less likely to act inappropriately. Puppies should play with their owners and have small toys of their own. They need indoor and outdoor play.

Puppies need discipline to teach them what they can't do. They should be punished if they do something wrong, such as biting their owner. However, punishment shouldn't be too harsh. A good punishment for biting is briefly holding the puppy's mouth closed and saying "No!" A spray bottle can also be used for punishment.

Between 4 and 12 weeks old is a puppy's socialization phase, where he is sensitive to outside influences. During this time, he should be introduced to new people and animals. Positive experiences are important, as negative experiences or no experiences can create poor social skills.

A well balanced dog food designed for puppies should make up most of the puppy's diet. Table food should be kept to a minimum. Puppies are susceptible to many diseases, so they require a series of vaccinations.

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