How Do You Raise Pheasants?


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To raise pheasants, provide a brooder house that is sealed off to prevent rodent infestation, drafts and poor weather. Always ensure that chicks have enough to eat and drink, as most early losses farmers experience are due to chicks not consuming properly at the beginning of life.

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To start, try buying all the pheasants as chicks, as this only supplies one or two age groups to look after at the outset. Egg-laying should be spaced apart every week to 10 days in order to limit the overall number of age groups dealt with in any one breeding season. The brooder house requires disinfecting at least two weeks before the chicks arrive. Outline it with chopped straw instead of wood shavings, as pheasant chicks tend to eat the latter, often resulting in illness or death.

When the chicks arrive, dip the beaks and water, and place them under a heat lamp. They should form a circle underneath. If the chicks are too cold, lower the lamp and add bulbs; if too hot, raise the lamp and reduce the number of bulbs. Allow the chicks outside during the daytime when they reach two to three weeks old, continuing the heat lamp treatment at night until at least three to four weeks. To reduce cannibalism, add alfalfa and branches to the pen. In worst cases, trim the birds' top beaks to reduce wounding.

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