How Do You Raise a Kitten?

raise-kitten Credit: Jacob Davies/CC-BY-2.0

To raise a kitten, you need to use the same philosophy as you would when raising a child. Do not treat your kitten as you would an adult, reward good behavior, socialize her, and take her to a veterinarian early and often to keep her in good health.

  1. Don't treat a kitten like a cat

    A kitten requires completely different care from an adult cat. Kittens go through various stages of development through the first year. By eight weeks of age, a kitten is weaned and ready to eat kibble. Playing is a priority, but a kitten needs to be supervised to ensure its safety. Keep the kitten in a safe and enclosed room when you are unable to watch it. Between two and four months of age, a kitten grows rapidly and needs three or four meals a day.

  2. Socialize and reward good behavior

    It's important to socialize a kitten to avoid having a nervous adult cat. Expose the kitten to loud noises, and introduce the kitten to strangers as well as other cats. Pet your kitten frequently, and reward good behavior with treats.

  3. Take the kitten to see a veterinarian as soon as possible

    Preventive care is very important for the health of a kitten. Prior to being exposed to other animals, a kitten should be vaccinated. Schedule the first vet visit within the first week of acquiring the kitten.