How Do You Raise Hens for Laying Eggs?


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To raise laying hens, provide the hens with the appropriate food, clean water and a protected coop that features laying boxes and roosting poles. Gather the eggs daily to prevent the hens from becoming broody and to promote egg production.

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How Do You Raise Hens for Laying Eggs?
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Plan to have at least four to six chickens and provide at least 10 square feet of protected outdoor space per hen. Feed chicks a starter feed that contains 20 to 22 percent protein until they are six weeks old. From six weeks until 20 weeks of age, feed the chicks pullet feed.

From 20 weeks onward, feed the hens a diet of layer feed or laying mash that contains at least 2.5 percent calcium. Do not supplement the diet with grains or other foods unless recommended by a veterinarian. Six chickens require between 11 to 14 pounds of feed per week to produce eggs, as well as fresh water daily. Hens begin to produce eggs at approximately 20 weeks of age.

Fence the coop and chicken run with chicken wire to prevent other animals from harming the hens. The top of the coop and run must be covered with the wire to prevent climbing animals from entering the space. Clean the coop floor daily and place clean bedding in the coop as needed.

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