How Do You Raise Goats?


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Raise goats by first preparing the property with housing, fencing, feed and equipment for feeding, and first aid equipment for dealing with goat health emergencies. Learn to recognize the symptoms of a sick or injured goat, and find a good veterinarian to help them live longer. Goats provide milk, fiber and meat, and they can be profitable animals if desired. Goats are bred for sale or to increase the size of the herd.

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Keep baby goats with their mother for at least eight weeks before weaning to hay or pasture. Take time to be close to your goats to form a bond with them. They may be timid or shy at first, but this can be remedied by bringing food or treats with you during each close visit. Once the goats associate your presence with food, they become much more friendly. Goats enjoy foods such as alfalfa and Bermuda hay, rye, fescue, and Bermuda and alfalfa pellets.

Breeds of goats known for their high milk production include Nubian, Alpine, Toggenburg, Sable and Nigerian Dwarf. Breeds typically raised for meat include Boer, Kiko, Spanish and Tennessee. Angora and Cashmere are two well-known varieties of goat that produce a lot of fiber used for fabrics. If the goat or goats are intended to be nothing more than pets, the Pygmy and Fainting breeds of goat are good choices.

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