How Do You Raise Farm Goats?

How Do You Raise Farm Goats?

To raise farm goats, build a sturdy goat shelter, ensure a secure fence and prepare proper feeds. Purchasing a milk machine and related equipment is also essential with goat farming.

Goats, while not fussy about their shelters, still require protection from the elements. Build a house that keeps them dry and away from drafts and direct sunlight. A three-sided structure would suffice to shelter healthy goats. Consider building a separate shelter for treating sick, injured or pregnant does.

Goats are good climbers. They can climb short, sturdy trees and even tall ones in order to access fresher leaves and fruits. Build a fence that kids and adults cannot climb over. Make sure that the fence posts are deep enough in the ground to keep the goats from knocking them over. Goat-proof trees and other structures by wrapping them up with tree bark protectors.

Goats are like deer in that they prefer bushes, hay and fresh leaves over grass. Depending on the type of goat, you may need to get supplemental grains, feeds and minerals to provide a healthy diet. If raising goats for milk, keep them in a pasture, as anything that the goats eat can impact the flavor of their milk.

Purchase a milk machine for more efficient harvesting of goat's milk. Make sure that the does become used to the machine first as they might refuse to give milk if they are not comfortable.