How Do You Raise Ducks?

How Do You Raise Ducks?

To raise ducks, give them a structure in which to live, provide a nesting box, give them a place to bathe and feed them daily. Raising ducks is not hard, but requires regular maintenance. Sanitation is very important for their health.

  1. Provide housing

    Ducks are able to survive in the cold, so their home does not need to be fully enclosed, but it does need to be safe from predators. If you use a fence for protection, make sure it is buried at least 8 inches in the ground to prevent digging. The structure should have at least four square feet for every duck.

  2. Place bedding in the house

    Make a 16-inch nesting box, and fill it with a layer of straw. Replace any straw that gets wet or has an odor similar to ammonia.

  3. Give the ducks a water source

    While a pond is ideal, ducks can also bathe in a kiddie pool or a tub. Make sure the water is deep enough for the ducks to be able to fully submerge their bodies.

  4. Feed the ducks

    Provide 4 to 6 ounces of chicken feed for each duck every day. Place the food in a container that cannot be tipped over. Throw away any wet feed at the end of the day, and be sure to provide fresh water with every meal.