How Do You Raise Crickets?

To raise crickets you need to set up a proper-sized habitat, keep them in a warm living space, and provide them with food and water. To hatch eggs and continue breeding crickets, set up a breeding dish within the habitat, and incubate the eggs separately.

  1. Build a habitat

    Use a container that may be ventilated, such as a glass fish tank with a screen on top. Make sure the crickets have objects to climb on and hide in as well.

  2. Maintain a healthy environment

    Use a lamp or a heater to keep the habitat warm. Maintain the temperature between 70 and 95 degrees. Keep a shallow dish for water handy, as crickets tend to drown easily. Use a separate dish for food. Crickets may eat a variety of food, including cricket chow, vegetable-based animal feed and fruits.

  3. Prepare a breeding dish

    Once the habitat is prepared and the crickets have arrived, make a breeding dish out of a small container, one that is at least 2 inches deep. Fill the container with dirt and 1/2 inch of water, and place it in the habitat. After a few weeks, the crickets should have laid eggs. Remove the container, and place it in a separate container for hatching.