How Do You Raise Boer Goats?


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To raise Boer goats, provide a fenced-in area that includes a place for shelter, and include a place for feeding and watering with access to open pastures where the goats can graze and wander. Goats need protection from the elements, with shade in the summer months and shelter from winter snow. Provide a sheltered space that is quiet for pregnant females to rest and tend to their kids. Newborn goats are susceptible to cold and require a heated space in winter.

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Offer the goats a fenced grazing space that is large enough for the goats to ramble and exercise but small enough to keep them from wandering too far. Design fencing to keep predators out. Inspect it regularly for damage or openings. If there are coyotes present in the area, move the goats into a barn at night, and use fencing that is coyote-proofed. Boer goats require frequent, regular exercise, so move them from one pasture to another, or divide a pasture into various sections to keep them on the go.

Give the goats access to clean, fresh water at all times by setting up a water trough. Provide a feed bank that is covered so that the goats can feed peacefully, protected from harsh elements, such as rain and extreme heat. Goats prefer weedier hay with a mix of grass and legumes.

Goats are affectionate and social and love to play. Provide a small play area with “toys” such as tractor tires and playgrounds made for small children with slides and ladders. Goats also like to climb on 50-gallon plastic drums. Make a goat tunnel by cutting off both ends of the drum.

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