Where Do You Find Racing Pigeon Auctions?


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An individual can find racing pigeon auctions online through several websites, including iPigeon.com and PigeonAuction.com. These sites provide a list of available auctions, the current bid and the closing date for each auction.

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Racing pigeons, also known as "racing homers," are bred for a strong homing instinct and speed. They can fly for many hours without rest and can find their way home over long distances. These birds are bred specifically for pigeon racing. Varieties of the racing homer were first bred in England and Belgium in the 1800s, resulting in several pigeon breeds. Pigeons have carried messages for hundreds of years, and in the 1800s, competition among breeders created faster pigeons. The sport of pigeon racing grew popular in Western Europe and spread into the United States in the early 1900s.

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