How Do You Get a Free Rabies Vaccine for Your Pet?

To find free rabies vaccines for pets, start by contacting your local animal shelter or Humane Society. These organizations often give free or low-cost rabies vaccinations at their own clinics, or they can direct you to an organization that can help.

If your local animal shelter cannot help, try calling local pet supply stores. Some of them, such as Petco, offer low-cost vaccination clinics. These shots usually are not free, but the expense is significantly less than having them done at a normal veterinary clinic. These mobile clinics may also offer other routine services, such as heartworm testing, microchipping and other vaccinations.

Rabies is a dangerous and fatal disease, so keeping your pets up to date is important. Puppies and kittens should be vaccinated about 12 weeks after they are born, and then they require a booster the next year. Adult dogs and cats usually only need to be vaccinated every three years. Animals that are not vaccinated and bite someone may be subjected to quarantines or other penalties, and most states require all pets to be vaccinated against rabies.

Most humans do not need rabies vaccines unless they have been exposed to a possibly infected animal. However, people who are traveling to certain areas or who work with wild animals may benefit from preventative vaccinations. If you think you need one, talk to your doctor about how to afford one.