Why Do Rabbits Pull Their Fur Out?


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According to Dana Krempels, Ph.D., healthy rabbits shed their fur coats twice a year. However, she explains this as a natural process. If a pet rabbit experiences abnormal fur loss, such as bald patches with skin irritation, it could be indicative of other factors.

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According to MediRabbit, rabbits may pull out their fur due to a stressful environment, annoying parasites, a crowded living area, boredom or it could be the time of year. Dr. Krempels says a rabbit’s loss of fur could be the result of parasites, dental problems, a urinary disorder, a bacterial infection, a false pregnancy, over-grooming, fighting or hormonal issues. A false pregnancy, also called a pseudopregnancy, can happen to a female, says MediRabbit, if a female rabbit lives alone, lives with neutered males or other females. MediRabbit also says that a false pregnancy is suggested when a rabbit pulls out her fur. According to Dr. Krempels, rabbits pull their fur out to build a nest for their young. It is a good idea to be watchful of a pet rabbit’s behavior; if the fur-pulling is stress-related, the owner should take steps to reduce the problem. A veterinarian should be consulted to ensure that the rabbit is healthy.

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