What Do Rabbits Like to Eat?

Rabbits like to eat plenty of grass and grass hay, but pellets and greens can be added to their diet. They also eat seeds, tree barks, tender twigs and fruits. Ideally, their diet should mimic the wild as much as possible. High fiber content in their diet is crucial to their digestion.

Hay is the most important element of a rabbit's diet that the animals like eating and it contains protein, calcium, vitamins A and D and other nutrients. Hay helps to ensure that the teeth are healthy. Mixing different types of hays is also necessary, to give them a range of textures. A rabbit owner should avoid giving the rabbit too much alfalfa since it contains more high protein and calories than what rabbits need.

Pellets are also a good diet for rabbits as they contain proteins and other nutrients. They are best offered when the rabbits are in a group, to prevent selective feeding. A handful a day for each rabbit is sufficient. Fresh vegetables offer a variety of nutrients to rabbits. Radish tops, parsley, spinach, sprouts and mustard greens among other greens can be added. Changing the diet of a rabbit without caution can lead to various health problems.