What Are a Rabbit’s Natural Predators?

Willi Rolfes/Picture Press/Getty Images

Rabbits have many natural predators that include hawks, foxes, minks, snakes and humans. Its natural predators depend on where its natural habitat may be.

Rabbits generally have more predators than most animals. In fact, pet rabbits left outside for long periods of time can become food for some lucky predators, especially birds. Therefore, it is always recommended for pet owners to supervise any outdoor play time their bunnies may have. Young rabbits are especially at risk.

Wild rabbits have a few ways to escape or defend themselves against predators. They flatten their bodies against the ground to make it harder for predators such as birds to catch them. Rabbits are also fast, agile runners who can easily outrun some predators. Rabbits have 360-degree vision and an excellent sense of smell. When they sense danger, they will loudly thump their hind legs on the ground to warn other rabbits.