What Is a Rabbit's Ecosystem?

Rabbits exist in many different ecosystems in the Americas, their range extending all the way from South America to Canada but focused on meadows, valleys and other places where rabbits can live in cover and feed safely by night. Rabbits live in large warrens and need lots of room to graze, and they prefer the cover of the forest where hawks and other predators are less able to spot them at a distance.

Rabbits depend on grasslands to survive. They reproduce at a truly prodigious rate and must be able to feed their young, and for that they need a ready crop of hardy roughage such as grass or other meadow plants.

Rabbits' vast territorial range means they are adapted to many climates. Some rabbits, like the snowshoe hare, change colors with the passing of the seasons so that they always blend into their surroundings. Snowshoe hares have a white coat during the winter months and a brown, earthy one during the summer.

Rabbits will encroach on human gardens if they have the opportunity. Plants like lettuce are hugely appealing to rabbits as they are easy to digest, provide bountiful nutrients and are easy for rabbits to strip and chew with their sharp rodent incisors.